Apr 18 2013

Innovative patented gas phase chlorine dioxide (ClO2) sensor dramatically improves process control.

A business relationship between Dr. Richardson of PRDD Inc. / Know-NOx LLC and Deep Reach Oxidation LLC (DRO) makes a powerful new patented gas phase ClO2 sensor available for a variety of applications.  This new patented gas phase ClO2 sensor was developed by DRO, in conjunction with Dr. Materer of Oklahoma State University for specialized applications.  Dr. Richardson and the DRO team are applying this technology to broad industrialized applications – beginning with process control for NOx (nitrogen oxide) abatement utilizing the Know-NOx process.

The new NOx abatement process developed by Know-NOx LLC will utilize this new patented gas phase ClO2 sensor with real time and confusion free analytical data over a wide detection range as one of the sensors used in the control of the Know-NOx process.

To read more about this innovative NOx treatment process, please visit our website: http://know-nox.biz/

This is the first of many proposed applications for the patented ClOsensor developed by Deep Reach Oxidation. Stay tuned for further developments in the future.