Oct 23 2015

Know-NOx: Conserving Water While Cleaning the Air

Water has become liquid gold in some areas of the United States, as the current drought and massive aquafer purchases by the Bush family, T. Boone Pickens, and others have created an awareness of how little water we have and how valuable it can become. People everywhere are reducing their water usage; the brown lawns, drought resistant plants, and many creative ways to re-purpose water have become evidence of how dire the situation is.

The clean technology of Know-NOx contributes to this water saving trend because it saves water while effectively cleaning air. The Know-NOx technology is drought tolerant because it uses less than 10% of the water required by traditional NOx wet scrubbers.

Difference between Know-NOx Clean Technology and Traditional Technology

NOx wet scrubbers have been the conventional process for NOx abatement for years, the first ones were used in the 1930’s. They usually consist of three to five different stages, each stage filled with water, and the “dirty” air is passed through each stage. As the NOx particulates are removed from the air they are trapped into the water, which creates contaminated water. Businesses are required then to treat the contaminated water before it is released into a public sewer system. This is not only a costly process but it takes time and a lot of water.

Know-NOx is different than traditional NOx abatement processes for several different reasons.

One, Know-NOx is a gas phase process. Being a gas phase process means it doesn’t need the multiple stages like a wet scrubber, it needs one simple duct. This simple duct can be placed anywhere it is needed; up the side of a building, on the roof of a building, or in a discrete corner out of the way.

Two, being a gas phase process means it uses less water than the traditional NOx wet scrubbers.

Three, Know-NOx does not create contaminated water that companies have to worry about treating.

Four, Know-NOx can actually create commercially viable products from the waste particulates removed from the air.

Finally, Know-NOx can be retrofitted to update a company’s current NOx abatement process easily and at a lower cost than the traditional wet scrubbers.

Know-NOx is the best NOx Abatement Process

Utilizing a gas phase process significantly uses less water and Know-NOx clean technology gets the best results for NOx abatement. Know-NOx can remove up to 99.8% of the NOx and SOx particulates from the air effectively.

So remember, Know-NOx takes up less space, uses less water, creates usable byproducts, and meets the EPA regulations. Clean air is the solution, conserving water is a plus, and saving money is an added bonus.

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